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Sinus lift

The tooth loss, unfortunately, is already a common problem. The loss of permanent teeth may have various causes like trauma for example. Or it may be due to an advanced dental caries, which was not treated on time, so patients need teeth extracted for preventing the spread of infection to other teeth. The same lack of teeth may be an inborn defect.

For all above listed cases the only solution is dental prosthesis.

Dentures are mobile and fixed, or the so-called implanted prosthesis that is mounted to a special screw in mandibular bone.

However, sometimes to fix this screw in the jaw bone is held. Namely because of that used sinus lifting the bone which is increased based on an artificial material.

The essence of this method is the placement of a graft in sinus bone, which allows moving mouth and inserting a bone material aesthetic thanks to which is carried out jaw bone growth. The next step in this procedure is the immediate fixation of the implant or waits until the wound heals and then secure the implant.

Sinus lift is a complicated procedure that can be performed by a highly qualified dentists. In this procedure a number of problems can occur, such as rejection of the implant or entering his jaw cavity with a possible draw.

But with all the complications that can occur if this procedure it remains a safe and effective method. Especially if this procedure is carried out in a good dental clinic.

There is a complication of sinus lift widespread - rhinitis. This is a natural complication during the procedure are achieved because the maxillary sinuses are located above bone jaw.

Wrong actions of the doctor that affect the oral mucosa tissue can cause side effects and the rhinitis.

But a solution to this problem. There are effective treatments for chronic rhinitis. If it will not go totally then at least in part by simple nasal drops or antiseptic.

In this way the whole complexity of this procedure for sinus lifting is out of it if you want to have a safe and for a long time dentures.