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Tooth decay

What do we know about tooth decay? Probably that people who consume a lot of sweets and do not take care of oral hygiene often suffer from tooth decay.

Previously causes named: incorrect hygiene of oral cavity, excessive eating of sweets are the main causes of dental decay.

Tooth decay is the destroing of the mineral layer of tooth (if necessary measures are not taken on time) this leads to destruction of other parts of the tooth and to the tooth nerve.

If the tooth enamel remain leftovers (especially sweets) this leads to bacterial growth in this region, as leftovers represent a favorable environment for bacterial growth. The bacteria destroy tooth enamel which leads to so-called "holes" in the tooth.

This hole can not cause pain long time, but if you notice this hole you must go to the dentist to fill it.

Untreated tooth decay in time can lead to the spread of infection in the deeper layers of the tooth (dentin, pulp, etc.), and this may cause awful pain. Also untreated tooth decay can lead to tooth lost. For this reason you should not belittling the dental caries.

Timely treatment of dental decay is the recipe of success for healthy and beautiful teeth.

The decay occurs most often in infancy, because the milk teeth are more frail than permanent ones and can be more easily influenced by negative factors. Therefore parents should pay more attention to their children's teeth.

Many children do not know how to take careon teeth to prevent tooth decay, it is good in this case led the child to a specialist who will explain how to clean the teeth properly clean to not provoke tooth decay.

In our clinic «Diplomat Med» we perform dental fillings with the most modern materials and almost painless! Our dentists are the best specialists who will conduct a detailed qualitative treatment and consultation for oral hygiene!