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Teeth whitening

Отбеливание зубовTeeth whitening. Who among us does not dream of a dazzling smile as the stars from Hollywood? After all, the white teeth - represent the card of a healthy man and they are an essential attribute of attractiveness.

Today, the procedure of teeth whitening is one of the most popular beauty treatments in aesthetic dentistry. In the clinic «Diplomat Med», the teeth whitening procedure is done by professionals.

Dentists in our clinic do the most modern and absolutely safe procedures to restore the natural whiteness of teeth, guaranteeing excellent results, such as the restoration procedure, ultrasound, chemical, laser, Zoom, Yotuel, Opalescence, etc.

Why do our teeth lose their whiteness?

There are many reasons why teeth become yellow:

Teeth whitening at home is not safe!

Today, the dentists from all over the world beat the alarm signals: trying to whiten the teeth at home, people can seriously damage their teeth and gums. Thus, applying the mixture of hydrogen peroxide or baking soda over a long period of time, you risk to damage your gums, to infect the mouth or to induce the tooth enamel erosion.

The variety of traditional remedies of whitening the teeth, including sodium bicarbonate, activated charcoal , citric acid and oterr, lead to irritation of the gums and increase the sensitivity and the dissolution of tooth enamel.

You must not perform teeth whitening at home, contact professionals, that by using the innovative and completely painless methods, will perfectly whiten yout teeth!

Dental Centre «Diplomat Med» will give your smile shine even from the first two procedures, and the result will be seen for a long period of time.

With us you smile more confidently to a new day, to a new acquaintance or even in the mirror!