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Orthodontic treatment

The smile is the main part in interpersonal relationship. But sometimes the ecology and nature make their corrections on the image of the person and not in the best way.

Often after milk teeth change occurs so-called misalignment of teeth and malocclusion is formed. Besides the aesthetic problem of malocclusion can cause a number of diseases of the gums and teeth, but also cause dysfunction in mastication.

We will explain with more details in our dental clinic «Diplomat Med».

Fortunately, these teeth is not growing straight isomething reparable because of modern equipment and clinical specialists from «Diplomat Med» can correct the malocclusion regardless of patient age.

Most of us associate this procedure for correcting malocclusions with a heavy metal mechanism. But at the moment science of orthodontics has tremendous successes in producing braces practically invisible to others, causing no discomfort in their daily work, but helps to correct even the most challenging malocclusions.

A popular method for correcting malocclusions are braces. For those who can not wear braces daily there are other methods of correcting malocclusions.

Dental veneers«Diplomat Med» Dental Center offers all types of dental appliances, so the patient is not limited in choice. During the consultation the dentist orthodont will appreciate the stage of malocclusion and choose an optimal braces for each case.

The professional dentists from our dental clinic «Diplomat Med» will return the natural beauty of your smile and facial harmony, will bring in order not growing straight teeth at any age.

There is talk that the teeth can be corrected only in childhood, the teeth for mature people are not corrected or may be correct, but very slowly. The research and experience of many specialized dentists from our clinic «Diplomat Med» demonstrates vice versa, as the malocclusion can be corrected at any age.

So correcting dental malocclusions in our center is new technology, a new attitude towards treatment and a guarantee of good outcome. Leave your smile in ours trust!

Our technology orthodontic treatment:

Orthodontic treatment with braces without ligatures

Few people know and believe that a large percentage of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity and respiratory system occur because of malocclusion. This malocclusion is the main cause of these diseases, which will eventually develop a large number of new diseases.

As practice and statistics shows, in 99% of cases, malocclusion is formed at an early age - in infancy. Therefore this problem should be solved from childhood.

Unfortunately, most parents are not aware that a tooth that is not right, it's fun, and this is the first symptom of malocclusion. Later malocclusion will be the cause of several diseases not only aesthetic problem. For example - an incorrect pronunciation of sounds. The parents when notice that the child has wrong they go to speech therapist, but there is a completely different problem - malocclusion.

The most common method to correct malocclusion, it is to use braces. Braces are used to correct malocclusions last time.

Like other types of medical equipment, dental appliances have been upgraded. The latest upgraded braces are braces without ligatures. These braces are kind of innovative support system that is more efficient than conventional braces.

The main feature of new generation of braces is that power’s arc, which exerts a force on the teeth is fixed by means of a specially developed type of slide fixator.

This external fixator is like an ordinary clip that has a damping property. This feature enables a new generation of braces allow the dentist faster and more convenient to perform the operation of correction malocclusion and to change the braces location, the device which exerts power on teeth or the arc device.

Other positive aspects of the use of braces without ligatures include:

Orthodontic treatment with self-legating braces

Nowadays more and more people suffering from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the oral cavity and respiratory system. And very few people know that these diseases can be caused by the malocclusion since childhood.

Malocclusion not only causes diseases named above, but also causes aesthetic and emotional problems too. For example, uttering sounds incorrect and wrong location of teeth, crooked teeth lead to the formation of complexes.

The best age to correct malocclusions is childhood, but the adults should not grieve. Because malocclusion’s problem can be solved at any age.

The most effective method by analyzing not words but deeds, is the method with use of braces.

Many patients have been convinced of this fact that self-legating braces are the most suitable functional and aesthetically type of braces. These braces are based on self-regulation, which is an innovation in modern dentistry.

This type of braces gives the possibility to speed up the correction of malocclusion, while having a high aesthetic quality. As a result you will model an attractive smile in a short time with ideal teeth.

There are several types of modern self-legating braces:

The last of which is a unique dental unit, which removes most effective issues with crooked teeth and malocclusions and are less visible in terms of aesthetics.

The aesthetics is enhanced by the material from which are made - sapphire. Sapphire makes braces less visible and even offers for teeth the beauty of jewelery. Even with such properties is not low effectiveness of these devices.

Also this braces has low frictional force that performs correction of teeth softer.

Orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces

You suffer from an abnormality of the jaw or teeth, malocclusion or misaligned teeth? In our clinic dental orthodontist will remove the wrong shape of the dental arches and keep dental functionality - jaw, chewing function, guaranteeing modern diagnostic will conduct qualitative treatment and prophylaxis.

If you treat malocclusion on time - you'll avoid diseases of the gums, you'll keep teeth healthy and your smile will be more attractive!

Remember that correction of malocclusion is possible and necessary at any age. In childhood this process is much easier and faster than in adults age the most principal is to correct malocclusion and have straight teeth.

Are you interested in the treatment’s details? We use the most modern construction and various orthodontic braces. They can be installed on both jaws. În the channels it is setting a metallic arc which is responsible for moving the teeth which do not grow properly and allows the entire row to be directed.

The diversity of braces in our clinic allows us to perform more comfortable and effective treatment for patients of different ages. Orthodontist will identify each patient's situation and recommend a dental apparatus in each case.

The specific peculiarities of ceramic braces

If you have serious problems with the direction of growth of the teeth, then it will be good to choose ceramic braces. Of course they have a higher price, but are more effective and invisible to others.

What are the advantages of ceramic braces?

Increased price and a long treatment are the main flaws of this dental apparatus. But if you do not feel sorry for money and time for your health, if you need standards that guarantee high quality European manufacturers recommends ceramic braces in our clinic «Diplomat Med». They are durable, comfortable and aesthetic.

Orthodontic treatment with invisible braces

Do you want to correct the malocclusion and to have a guaranteed beautiful smile using braces?

Then plead for European standards in our clinic! Use invisible braces which are unique, modern and aesthetic.

Are you curious? There are the peculiarities of this method of removing the malocclusion, this method appeared a few decades ago and immediately became popular because of their invisibility.

So invisible braces – is so-called invisible systems, invisible to others as they are installed on the inside part of the teeth.

The treatment by this method takes place in several stages:

It is important to note that during installation of braces mouth functions will be limited. Therefore this braces as the other has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of invisible braces:

Disadvantages of invisible braces:

Remember: If you have severe periodontal disease, narrow jaw, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, where the crowns of the teeth are small, then we recommend invisible braces.

Of course, it is more difficult to accustom with this type of braces. But the point is the
forbearance of the patient, positivism, understanding that discomfort will not be long time. Our dentists will make the individualized braces in the short term.

If you do not want that all the people know about the treatment at the orthodontist, if you worried about the aesthetic image of the teeth, if you dream of effective treatment come to correct the malocclusion in our clinic using invisible braces.

Orthodontic treatment with metal braces

If you need urgent correction of malocclusion, unless you have a beautiful smile and you need urgent medical help of our orthodontist, but you have financial problems, not grieve and use the most common and cheapest method - metal braces.

Are you interested in this type of braces?There are the advantages of braces.


The metal braces are cheaper in comparison with other dental braces because the technique of manufacturing is well known and old.

The only downside is the psychological discomfort, because this device is clearly visible compared to ceramic braces.

So metal braces resistance ensures its safety and small-term treatment. Unfortunately this braces has some drawbacks: the feeling of shyness, feelings of pain and a little discomfort.

If you missed the opportunity to buy expensive braces so you can use the metal braces. This device is the most secure and guaranteed for you.

Orthodontic treatment with sapphire braces

Do you know that at this stage sapphire braces is one of the most comfortable braces?

At the arc of braces are fixed artificially polished sapphire crystals thi is sapphire braces. They do not cause allergies and are absolutely harmless for our body. For this reason they are very popular and are considered very safe.

Sapphire braces is more aesthetic and thinner compared to the ceramic braces for example.

Certainly sapphire braces is unable to whiten yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is necessary before installation of sapphire braces, because this will look wonderful sapphire braces on white teeth.

Sapphire braces will help to correct malocclusion, to solve the problem with the density of teeth, that are not straight and to avoid deformation of jaw.

The Sapphire braces’ advantages:

Sapphire braces’ disadvantages:

How are the brace installed? Sapphire crystals are fixed at the crown of the tooth or at the teeth with a special glue containing fluorine.

If it is necessary, the patients can remove the braces with a special solution. No need to worry immediately after installation if you have a small discomfort during eating or during cleaning teeth. In 1-2 weeks this discomfort will disappear.

Using sapphire braces you must require certain rules: do not abuse the crusty product (eg eating nuts or crackers) must give up for a while candy and chips, because small particles remain and cause problems for cleaning braces.

Orthodontic treatment with without braces

At present the most frequent pathology of the disease at children is malocclusion. According to many dentists, the disease is delayed from milk tooth extraction. As result - the new tooth selects the position to the jaw that gives the child the opportunity to eat and talk safely. However, any other arrangement of the teeth on the jaw, where it the upper row of teeth covers the down one - is a pathology.

Unfortunately, most parents do not think about the consequences of malocclusion but even find something funny in fumble location of teeth at child. But it looks fun, probably only in childhood and is easier and more efficient to solve the problems of malocclusion in childhood. The correction of bite provides the most efficient mastication of food, and prevents a series of aesthetic and other problems. For example, incorrect pronunciation of sounds, visual incorrect position of teeth, some respiratory diseases, ultimately leading to the loss of teeth and oral cavity diseases.

To correct this malocclusion, the most effective option is to use braces, but it is worth noting that there are methods of treatment without their use.

At the current stage of development of medicine, there are five options for correcting malocclusions without braces.

For children under the age of thirteen, the most common method is to use dental plates. These plates are made of high quality polymer materials, environmentally safe and do not produce allergic reactions at children.

Since this device is intended for children, qualified dentists gives the child the chance to choose the color and pattern board of these dental plates.

These two things help the child to be happy and to tolerate the treatment and not to be intimidated in front of other children. The colored plates cheer up other children and challenges them to want such plates.

Orthodontic treatment with braces with ligatures

Respiratory system, oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract diseases, incorrect pronunciation of sounds, all these problems arise because - malocclusion.

The first symptom of malocclusion occurs at an early age. A funny tooth hanging from child’s mouth can make parents smile, but this is one of the causes of malocclusion formation.

Therefore since childhood parents and child should consult the dentist to correct malocclusion from the first symptom. A classic method is effective it is braces using ligatures.

Braces with ligature, or as they are called system ligature metal braces has increased elasticity with the arc which retaining power on the tooth in special grooves of ligatures.

Nowadays there are different types of ligatures- decorative, colored, transparent, which convey aesthetic and psychological treatment and reduce stressing shyness. When using metal braces the ligatures are made from silver.

It is important to note that the ligatures are used in braces with automatic regulation.

There are several types of braces with ligatures being classified depending on the materials they are made.

The most common braces with ligatures are metalic braces. Despite the fact that these were the first braces that were used to treat and correct malocclusions and looks not very well. They are employed from financial point of view.

To reduce the load aesthetic these dental appliances are made in different ranges of colors.

Namely interesting colors are those that are popular among young people. One benefit of these dental appliances can include the following moments. First is safety, strength and effectiveness of the system, which was verified by time. Second is the financial side, this types of appliances are the cheapest one.

From disadvantages we can appoint only the aesthetic part.