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Tooth’s cyst

A lot of people use to hear the word cyst referring to any organs as kidneys, liver or thyroid. Although, dentists use the term cyst - tooth’s cyst.

Tooth’s cyst represents a vesicle full with pus and even blood. This vesicle is located in different places – deeply in the gingival, near the gum’ s surface; between two teeth, near the tooth’s root (as well as fixed on the tooth’s root). They present problems during treatment. There are cases when the cyst is located inside the tooth.

The symptoms depend on the cyst’s size and location. Some cases are asymptomatic, others cause strong pain, sometimes fever.

The immediate treatment of dental cyst – severe diseases prophylaxis

A lot of patients go to the doctor only if the cyst starts to disturb them and the tooth hurts, but, usually, pain appears when the cyst becomes big enough to cause aggravation that can provoke loss of the tooth.  It is important to go to the doctor regularly to avoid the cyst’s formation.

Main cause of the cyst’s formation is defensive reaction of the organism to penetration of the infection. Actually, a cyst represents the pus formed on the gums, where infection appears.

The dental cyst should be removed to prevent the spread of the infection. This fact is realized on surgical way depending on the cyst’s location and syze. The dental cyst can be removed just in the dentist’s cabinet.

The clinic «Diplomat Med» deals with the removal of the dental cyst, regardless the level of aggravation. Experienced doctors do necessary procedures to restore the health of your teeth.