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Stomatitis is defined as the inflammation of the oral mucosa, caused by infections or mechanic trauma.

Some people consider that stomatitis can only occur in children, although this is not true, as people of all ages could be affected by this condition. Children are more frequently diagnosticated with this disease, as their immune system is weaker and it reacts more aggressively to the external infectious agents.

In fact, stomatitis is a reaction of the human body to the bacteria penetrating in the oral mucosa. The typical white deposits or bumps containing some sort of white liquid are nothing else than dead lymphocytes that fight against bacteria located in the oral cavity.

Besides the white deposits, there are other symptoms of stomatitis as well, such as hyper salivation, bad breath, bleeding gums or even fever.

Stomatitis treatment

In the moment you notice the first signs of stomatitis (which is usually the white deposits located on the tongue or on the inner surface of the cheeks), it is necessary to immediately visit your doctor for a checkup.

If stomatitis is not treated from the very beginning, this could lead to ulcerations on the oral mucosa. They could obviously be painful and could even become purulent lesions.

Ulcerations and purulent lesions are somehow difficult to treat, that is why it is better to notice the disease on an incipient phase and begin its treatment right away.

Stomatitis treatment usually involves rinsing the oral cavity with various solutions: chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula tincture and others. Antiseptic oral rinses, local Methylene Blau applications are also recommended, but it is very important not to improvise by yourself and not to use medicines containing iodine or alcohol, as they lead to serious burns of the mucosal membrane.

The best solution is to visit your dentist, who is the only person that can give you proper advices and select the right treatment for you. Our dentists will always help you to choose the most effective treatment.