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Porcelain crowns or veneers

Porcelain crowns or veneersMany of us have heard the phrase "Hollywood Smile". By this phrase is understood a perfect white and right smile, which can be truly called amazing. However, not everyone can boast of straight white teeth. What can you do in this case?

In this case, veneers come to help those who want to have a Hollywood smile. The veneer - is a fine ceramic plate that adheres to the outer surface of a tooth without damaging it.

The veneers are very convenient because it requires no special care, do not come off, because it keeps the tooth with a force equal to the force of fixing the enamel on the dentine. Moreover, the veneers are made individually to each patient.

The veneers allow the correction of minor aesthetic imperfections of teeth, for example, such as less brilliant colour or a large number of cracks.

With the help of the veneers you may lenthen the shorter teeth, to compensate gaps between the teeth, etc. In general, the adherence of veneers is sufficiently justified.

Natural tooth structure must first be reduced by a minimal amount an after that teh veneers are stuck to the tooth enamel. However, this procedure has not negative impact on the enamel. The tooth in any case remain "alive" and undamaged. Adhering veneers on teeth surface does not require special preparation such as deep tooth grinding or removing dental nerve. In general , the procedure is fairly simple, and the result - sustainable.

Indications of veneers adherence can serve the situations when teeth are resistant to bleaching procedures, and if it has too porous enamel with a yellowish color, which does not look good aesthetically.

Another beneficial situation regarding the adherence of veneers is to improve the sensitivity of teeth. Moreover, veneers are used in cases where ther are stains left by getting antibiotics, as well as smoking or consuming large amounts of coffee or tea.

The veneers are made of ceramic. The doctor takes a sample of teeth and uses it as a template for preparing veneers.

The veneer - is a great way to avoid prosthesis and get a perfect "Hollywood smile". Veneers hygiene care do not differ from the tooth hygiene, only it must be done more thorough. With the adherence of veneers, you will forget definitively about the teeth whitening procedure and about ugly yellow teeth!