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Dental prosthetics

dental prosthesis ChisinauThere are different opinions about the dental prosthesis, such that dentures need only old persons or who has said goodbye to one or two teeth. Indeed prosthesis is recommended for patients who are suffering from periodontal disease or those who have malocclusion or teeth have been worn. In the latter case, prosthesis used to restore the resistance of dental tissue.

In dental clinic «Diplomat Med» for many years the department of orthopedics works successfully, it is composed of orthodontists and dental technicians with rich experience. We use modern equipment in our clinic to diagnose and solve the problem of dental prosthetics of any difficulty at an early stage.

We offer our patients mobile or permanent prosthetic, metal or metal-free crowns. After a thorough examination specialist will choose an optimal solution for each patient that will be done in accordance of anatomy of each patient.

Advantages of dentures:

dental prosthesis«Diplomat Med» Dental Center is geared toward global standards of modern dentistry. The used materials meet European standards after orthodontic treatment quality and are absolutely inofensive. Moreover, materials are similar to natural tooth color of the patient. In this way we render an ideal form of prosthesis, which in turn restores the lost tooth shape and color.

We produce successfully prosthetics for front teeth and dentures.

The Clinic Dipomat Med guarantees that already after the first visit to our doctors will begin to enjoy the people around you with a smile of 32 teeth.