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Zirconium oxide dental prosthesis

Prosthetics became particularly popular in modern society. Professional dental clinics in contrast to the forges, which in ancient times could only extract the sick tooth, today offer many different services, including prostheses. Essentially a tooth replacement is not artificial for the patient. With the appearance of new materials for crowns and the entire orthopedic structure, there is also seen an innovation in the cosmetic technology. Among the most modern - is zirconium.

The prosthesis based on the zirconium can solve the most complex problems in the oral cavity. It may be a single crown or the installation of an entire structure.

Based on zirconium, the crowns are produced with a very natural and aesthetic look. This effect is achieved due to the translucent zirconium framework. The ceramic outer shell completes the picture.

The color is adjusted individually and completely to the natural tooth colour.

Zirconium crowns often are set in place the teeth facing load. Due to the thick layer of zirconium crowns are more durable, resistant to abrasion and splinters appearance/cracks.

Due to the appearance, zirconium crowns may be set on the front teeth in order to get a smile of pure white .

The main advantage of zirconium is that this material does not cause allergic reactions. So, they can be set tot the patients of all ages.

In addition, patients who have difficulty with sensitive enamel can opt for a prosthesis on the teeth "alive". Thus, it is possible to avoid the further symptoms because zirconium has insulating properties and reduces significantly the temperature differences when eating hot or cold food.

Modern technologies have led to ultra - lightweight and ultra - powerful materials, which are currently used in dentistry, offering beautiful smiles to hundreds of patients.