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The treatment of children teeth

A lot of children are afraid very much of the treatment of teeth, while in this process is nothing awful. Generally, the children are discomforted and they are afraid of dental tools, of the person in white coat and of the unusual atmosphere in the dental office.

Before visiting the dentist with your child, you have to explain him the treatment of teeth and the steps of the treatment.

Before going to the dentist the child must brush the teeth and must rinse his mouth. The pickings of food or unpleasant smell from oral cavity can influence in a bad way the work of dentist.

Usually telling the children about the treatment of teeth we suppose to speak about filling the teeth affected by dental decay. Before filling the teeth the dental hole must be cleaned with a tide of water under high pressure. After that the hole must be dried with a
minuscule dental dryer which blow warm air.

When the hole is dry and cleaned, the dentist start filling it. With a special dental spatula the dentist fill in the hole with a special substance till the hole is full of. The filling must be dry and the patient is allowed to go home, because the decay was treated. After filling the unhealthy tooth, the patient must not eat some hours.

Except the treatment of dental caries the dentist can remove the nerve of tooth or can cover the tooth with a special solution to fix the enamel of tooth. In the treatment of teeth is included also teeth whitening.

When we speak about the uncluttering of the nerve, it is done with local anaesthesia and with special tools. Usually the patient for who was administrate correctly the anaesthesia will not feel the pain.

Th teeth whitening is not a painful procedure and it is done with the help of special brushes. The solution of fluorine is used for fixing the layer of enamel. Usually the solution is putting on the tooth and leaved to harden for some hours. The solution can be removed by patient at home, individually, this solution is transformed in a thin film. There are situations when the solution of fluorine do not need removing.