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Panoramic radiograph

Sometimes when you suspect that someone is suffering from the pulp, it is very difficult to know from which tooth the pain come. It is more difficult if the gums are inflamed, then the sick person can not identify exactly where the pain occurs.

Before, in such cases, doctors use plain radiography of the join teeth.

At the moment the doctor prescribe you a panoramic radiography. This method is much simpler and allows us to receive the image of your entire mouth at once. It is better than simple one because with this panoramic radiography we can identify the developing diseases from tooth decay to periodontal.

Panoramic radiography also allows checking the condition of the dental sinuses, alveoli and jaw bone. Doctors advise to do regular radiographs for prophylaxis. This method can be used to identify the presence of diseases’ symptoms. The dentist sees the problems of already affected tooth and can do the radiography and can identify the cause of illness.

If you need to extract the tooth of mind, then the doctor also needs panoramic radiography, the surgeon needs to see problematic region during therapy and to achieve a correct surgery.

Radiography is mandatory if you want to do a dental implant, prosthesis or dental appliances.

Panoramic radiography helps the doctor to assess the condition of the teeth and in time to observe and resolve the issue.

This procedure is very simple, there is nothing complicated. It is necessary to stay near a special tool and in few minutes you will be able to take radiographic images. During the procedure it is necessary to remove all metal objects from the body.

The dental clinic «Diplomat Med» is a confidence clinic where you can make a panoramic efficient and qualitative radiography because our machines are modern and meet all the standards also it is recommended for children.