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Tooth fillings

Do you have any stains on your teeth? This is a superficial dental caries which affects  the  layer of hard tissue of the tooth - enamel. The medium dental caries appears at the destruction of enamel and dentin border. If the hard tissues are destroyed the so-called hole in the tooth appears, and allows access to the soft tissues in this case the  deep dental caries appear.

The process of filling is used by dentists when they identify at the patient  surface decay. When the treatment consist of  preparing decayed cavities and tooth fillings.

 Are you curious to know in detail what is the process of filling? For example, on your tooth appeared a dark spot then this is the first symptom of dental decay. He has not yet penetrated into the tissues of the tooth. But most often, unfortunately, we turn to the dentist late when tooth fillings are carried deeper.

Tooth filling procedure is carried out in several stages:

Are you curious to know the variety of filling materials? We use temporary, permanent and lining materials.

If you have a deep decay is required to remove the channel, we use temporary materials lining so-called intermediate materials. They will defend your tooth till the  complete treatment. For qualitative  channels filling we  use cement paste, different needles.

Do you want a permanent filling? It can be cement, metal or glass ionomer cements.

Cement materials are quite cheaper and easier to use, but as you well understand they are not forever and not too strong.

For keeping the shape and color of the tooth enamel in fillings are used photopolymerizate filling.

But the newest and most effective method of treatment is the use of ceramic fillings. It is impossible to distinguish from healthy tooth.

Are you predisposed to dental caries? You need to restore the anatomical shape of the tooth? We will do this thing, we will put temporary or permanent filling of imported or our national materials, but possessing modern and efficient chemical and mechanical resistance. We will choose the right color of filling in acordance to  healthy teeth. We guarantee the quality!

Dental caries is difficult to avoid,but is necessary to find a good clinic!