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The stomatitis

The majority of children have been ever sick of stomatitis.  The essential  symptoms of stomatitis are the appearance of some blisters or ulcers in the mouth,  in many cases there  is fever as a symptom.

There are different cases of appearance of stomatitis. The most common cause is the infection which appeare in the oral cavity which provoke  bacterial growth. Getting into small flesh wounds  these bacterias are multiplying and  provoke the body to fight against the disease.

The body mobilizes the immune functions and send lymphocytes– the main fighters against antibody from human body – to fight with bacterias. Killing bacterias the limphocytes are destroying  itselves as result the cells which remain from lymphocytes forms a layer of white substance and pus which is collecting in the oral cavity: on the tongue, on the lateral parts of  mouth and on the  palate.

For treatment of  stomatitis is necessary to rinse the mouth with special antiseptic solution  some times in a day. These solutions can  be found in each pharmacy. If your child is too little for rinsing the oral cavity, so you must apply some antiseptic solutions on affected regions of mouth.

Nonetheless that these antiseptic solutions can be found in each pharmacy do not buy it by yourselves. The best way is to go to the dentist.

A good  specialist will recommend  your child the best medicine which is necessary for him, which will not provoke an allergy or another adverse  reactions which can appear if the medicine is chosen incorrectly.

Do not be scared if you see the symptoms of stomatitis. The fever (it can appear rarely in case of this disease) can be getting low with usual medicine for fever. After the fever disappears go to the dentist for establishing the diagnostic and the treatment.

Usually, the stomatitis do not have intricacies, but if it is not treated on time the affected  regions   of oral cavity are transforming in bigger flesh wounds which can be treated more difficult than  the first symptoms of stomatitis. That is why stomatitis must be treted on time before the appearance of intricacies.