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Periodontitis is an inflammation of the sub gingival tooth cavity supporting, and inflammation of the tissues around the teeth.

Periodontitis occurs when around the tooth and in the tissues of the root appear infection. Often this is accompanied by pus that can cause pain. Sometimes the gums can be inflamed. Periodontitis can provoke dental cysts

So what are the varieties of periodontitis?

The main symptom is pain in bot tooth and gum, which may extend along the entire jaw where is located the affected tooth. Also can occur pus from the bag near gum. In most cases of periodontitis the patient can have fever.

When you see these symptoms you must contact your doctor immediately to avoid consequences such as dental cyst which is treated more difficult. But in an advanced stage periodontitis can lead to tooth extraction!

It is important to take care of our dental health and to address on time to the dentist. For the prevention of periodontitis you should once in half a year to consult a doctor. In our dental clinic «Diplomat Med» work only specialists best dentists that will diagnose and treat you at the high level. Be healthy!