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The teeth’ treatment in Chișinău, Moldova

Each  person who has ever suffered toothache dream about  toothache problems to be resolved more quickly, better  and comfortable. This becomes reality thanks to «Diplomat Med» dental clinic due to performant tools, top quality materials, new methods of treating teeth, benevolent doctors and psychological comfort. We provide a wide range of dental services with prices more than democratic.

Our services

At present the treatment of teeth is a painless process. We offer anesthesia for  patients chosen for each individual person.

The most important thing is the timely visit to the doctor when the disease is at an early stage. Otherwise treatment may be longer and more difficult. So next time when you decide to take a pill for toothache just think better.

Think about your health and visit your doctor. Modern treatment will help you to avoid serious diseases in the future and will make your smile more beautiful and gracious.