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Endodontic treatment

The repeated treatment of root canals with repeated filling is a dental procedure that according to difficulty can be compared with a small surgery. The restatement of canals is more difficult, so it is entrusted to a experienced and highly qualified specialist.

In «Diplomat Med» clinic dentists have established that this operation is required approximately in half of cases after the first procedure of removing the pulp. Typically, the focuses are periodontitis and the pathological changes of the teeth.

The causes of these outbreaks can be different. One is unfortunately the first procedure of removing the pulp poorly. But most often this problem is natural and has logical explanations and objectives. For example, the infection can affect again the top of the tooth root.

In other cases in the first treatment furnaces were in the upper part of the root can be unnoticed because of inflammation. The individual peculiarities of channel structure can also be a cause of penetration periodontal infection or upper tooth root. Even through qualitative filling of channel, it can be penetrated by infection by filling or crown damage.

It is important for a patient to know that if after a period of treatment toothache occurs again he should visit a doctor urgently.

But the inflammation process can begin without symptoms. In this case outbreaks can be identified only by X-ray. With the help of X-ray, we can see structure of channels and we can see with which kind of materials are they fillings.

If you talk to the doctor on time when you can choose just a simple readjustment. In this case the inflammation process will be removed and the tooth will be saved.

The very procedure repeated treatment of the root channels consists of:

In our clinic «Diplomat Med» this intervention is performed by professional dentists who know all the subtleties and technicalities of this procedure. These types of procedures using special microscopes and performed equipment. Filling high quality materials enable us to guarantee an absolute filling.