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Periodontitis is defined as the inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth, whose main purpose is to hold the teeth in place.

It is often that because of an incorrect technique of brushing the teeth, gingival trauma can occur. The surround tissues could also get inflamed because of the existing deposits and tartar. This condition is characterized by redness of the gums, bleeding, pain and sometimes purulent secretions from the teeth pockets. It is required to immediately contact your doctor if you notice at least one of these signs.

The first symptom of periodontitis is gingival bleeding. Do not always blame a harsh toothbrush for this. Try to switch to a softer toothbrush and pay attention to what happens next. If the gingival bleeding is continuing - then maybe you have periodontitis.

Periodontitis prophylaxis and treatment

It is required to go for a regular dental checkup and remove all the existing solid deposits on the teeth, as they are the main causes for periodontitis. After penetrating in the dental pockets,tartar causes bacteria spread and inflammation development. It is recommended to properly clean your teeth each day using a toothbrush that is not too harsh and to use mouth rinsing solutions in order to remove the bacteria located on the tongue and inner surface of the cheeks.

It is important to pay close attention to oral hygiene because such diseases as periodontitis are easier to prevent that to treat. That is why you should visit your dentist when you notice even the slightest changes and symptoms of gingival bleeding.

Our clinic offers all our patients a wide array of services, including not only treatment of periodontitis, caries and other diseases, but also professional cleaning of the teeth.