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The correction of malocclusion at children

The problem with occlusion is a very spread problem. The main cause of malocclusion is the late extraction of the milk teeth.

The correct position of superior maxillary is when the teeth from superior maxillary cover a little bit the teeth from inferior maxillary. Namely this position allow person to make a good mastication and a good pronunciation of sounds.

Except these two problems (mastication and pronunciation) because of malocclusions can appear esthetical problems in time.

Some parents deny to correct the malocclusions at their child because they found this problem funny, but it is funny in childhood and not when the person become elder. Is better and easier to correct malocclusions in childhood.

There are some methods to correct the malocclusions. One of the most spread method is dental braces and removable plates.

Removable plates are made from metallic frame which is set on the maxillary on a plastic prop adjacent to the palate of oral cavity. These plates are very workable because they can be taken out during brushing the teeth, sleeping and having meal. It is very well because the small rest from food will not get into the metal part of plate. But these plates are very sensible and if we take it off a lot of times they will get out of shape and lose from its effect.

The dental braces represents a metallic construction which is fixed on the teeth and can not be taken off. It makes a pressure on the teeth and the teeth in time start growing in the right direction.

Wearing braces is a long process it can take some years. But at the moment it is the best method and the most efficient way to correct malocclusion.

There are other rare methods for correcting malocclusion, like surgery. This method is applied rarely in severe cases. For children this method is applied ones in a while but for adults this method is very good because in adults ‘case is harder to correct malocclusion because of tissues of gums and teeth are more rigid.

The malocclusion is very important to correct in childhood for a good pronunciation and for a nice look.