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The removal of dental tartar

What is the dental tartar? It is a disease that occurs mainly due to incorrect teeth brushing. The reason for this occurrence is the plaque, which is made ​​up of food particles. In fact, the tartar is the same as plaque, but it is a little harder and it can’t be removed with a toothbrush.

Tartar formation mechanism is as follows: firstly, there are food particles on the teeth after each meal because the person does not remove them properly. These food particles are called "dental mucus".

Bacteria occurs in the mucus and the calcium and phosphate salts are deposited. All this leads to a strengthening of the load on the teeth and between them , and also in the gingival pocket.

Why is it necessary to remove the dental tartar?

If you do not remove the dental tartar, it can lead not only to purely aesthetic problems (tartar has usually an unpleasant yellow or brown colour, and, moreover, there is a bad smell from the mouth), but also to gum disease, such as periodontitis.

Once entered in the gums "pocket", the tartar destroys the tissue causing the destruction of the lower part of the tooth, bleeding gums and pain. In addition, tooth sensitivity may increase – you feel pain when food is consumed hot, cold or very sweet.

If you notice that you have tartar on teeth, even in the initial phase, then take a visit to the dentist. You should not consider this a harmless disease and which do not bear serious consequences. Advanced dental tartars may even lead to tooth loss!

Ion order to prevent the tartar, you must visit the dentist regularly and do a professional cleaning of teeth. You also need to remove carefully the food particles from inter - dental spaces using dental floss, and rinse your mouth with warm water after a meal or with a special dental solution.

In the clinic «Diplomat Med», specialists work who will tell you in detail how to take care of your teeth and  to prevent the appearance of dental tartar.

Aditionally, we offer services as professional cleaning of teeth, remove the dental tartar and even the whitening of the enamel!