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Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. The most obvious symptoms are red, swollen and bleeding gums. Gingivitis is often associated with a more complex disease, called periodontitis, characterized by the inflammation of the bone around the tooth and its surrounding tissues. It is often that the inflammatory processes affecting profound structures spread onto the more superficial located ones (the gums). Thus, redness and edema occur.

Gingivitis is a fairly common problem, specially in children and pregnant women. An explanation for this could be the hormonal changes occurring in the human body.

Gingival trauma, wrong performed tooth brushing, poor oral hygiene, avitaminosis, smoking, incorrect placement of a filling etc are some other causes of gingivitis. The most common ones are considered poor oral hygiene, smoking and excessive sugar consumption.

What do you need to know about gingivitis treatment?

We distinguish acute and chronical gingivitis. Chronical gingivitis may have flare-ups (usually during winter and spring), which are characterized by gum bleeding and possible itching sensations.

There is also local and general gingivitis. The local form affects just a part of the gums, while the general one involves the gums on one jaw or both of them - the upper and lower one.

It is easier to prevent gingivitis rather than treating it completely, therefore it is extremely important to take preventive measures.

There is nothing difficult in the prophylaxis of gingivitis. It is only required to visit you dentist on a regular basis (every 6 months), to brush your teeth twice a day (in the morning and evening) and to thoroughly remove any food remnants from the interdental spaces after each meal. Is it also recommended to make an appointment for a professional cleaning at your’ dentist’s office.

Our clinic is equipped with all the necessary kits and tools in order to help you get rid of gingivitis and offer you a healthy smile!