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Extraction of teeth

The extraction of milk teeth is a necessary and obligatory action. If the milk teeth are not extracted on time they trammel new teeth to grow, and these new teeth can grow not at its place and it can make dental occlusions.

Milk teeth start tossing at the age of 5-7 years. The teeth are changing till the age of 13-15 years. It is very important for child to extract the tossing milk tooth on time.

The process of tossing teeth suppose the appearance of new tooth at the bound of tooth gum.

Sure that without help the tooth will not fall. Because of that the milk teeth must be extracted.

Some of milk teeth are weak fixed on gum and they can be extracted at home. But this thing is not recommended because in the place where the tooth is extracted can get into an infection which can cause more grave diseases.

t is better to extract the teeth in the dentists’ office in medical conditions with special tools and with antiseptic solutions which diminish the pain.

But except the milk teeth the dentists can extract the new teeth. This thing can be done when there is a disease of teeth in oral cavity.

In these cases the extraction in home conditions is strictly forbidden.

First of all this action will provoke a strong pain, but secondly this risk can bring infections and can provoke some diseases with grave consequences.

That is why appears the necessity to extract a tooth by dentist. The extraction will start with the processing of gum with antiseptic solution against the pain or with the aspersion of the gum with anti pain solution. After that the tooth is extracted with the special tool and the wound is cover with cotton wool. In the place of extracted tooth can be applied a removable or irremovable denture.

Nowadays the prosthesis in the modern clinics is not a problem.

So, the extraction of tooth is a painless and rapid procedure. And there are not reasons of fear about the extraction of teeth.