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Mobile prostheses (dentures)

Depending on the degree of tooth loss there are two types of mobile prostheses: partial or total.

Removable partial prosthesis is made of acrylic dental plastic. This type of prosthesis is used if the person has not lost many teeth and therefore there is no need of a full denture.

The prosthesis is made individually for each patient so that it "stays" good and it does not fall while eating. In other words, it is not necessary to remove often the partial prosthesis. However, it is desirable to remove occasionally the prosthesis and to clean the food particles from inside the prosthesis.

The food particles dirty the prosthesis and this may lead to the fact that the denture is not convenient anymore, or it may not be sufficiently closed, etc. So, it is better to clean the prosthesis.

The mobile dental prosthesis is fixed firmly on the other teeth by means of "hooks" (metal clips). The clips are usually covered by lips; so they are not visible while the person speaks or eats.

Total mobile dental prosthesis is an alternative to dental implants and is used with in cases severe dental problems or complete loss of teeth.

They often are attached with special gels on the gum surface. They can also be absorbed by the mucous membrane due to the silicone. In addition, when it is possible to save at least a pair of teeth, than the prosthesis is attached on them by using the same metal clips as in case of partial denture.

Compared with the total implantation of teeth, the prosthesis fabrication and installation is less problematic and takes much less time. In addition, it is not necessary to perform sinus - lifting (bone growth) or to install special screws for holding the prosthesis. In preparation of prosthesis, the doctor must take the dental cast of gums.

Further on the dental cast of gums will be used as base for the prosthesis. There is no need to remove frequently prosthesis if it is done well. However, many patients take them out at night "to rest" from the constant wearing of a foreign object.

Mobile prosthesis is an excellent variant for those who have lost their teeth and dread of pain caused by implants or do not want to spend large sums of money for expensive implants.