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The dental caries in children

The caries is a spread disease among children. The process of caries is one of the main reasons of pain of teeth in children.

The caries represents the spoiling of the dental enamel and the tissues which are under it (dentin and dental pulp). These processes of caries start from the pervading of bacteria at the surface and in the interior of tooth. The bacteria destroy the enamel of tooth and make a dental hole.

They get into deep tissues of tooth and affect it more and more making the hole bigger and bigger. These holes can give rise to acute pain and unpleasant feeling, because the nerve of tooth is also affected.

Why is important to treat the caries in children on time?

In many cases the caries affect the tooth without symptoms; this fact can provoke serious problems of health. For example, if left untreated the caries will can give rise to another more severe diseases like cyst of tooth and dental pulp.

To escape the appearance of caries in children we must visit the dentist regularly. For children is recommended to visit the dentist one time in a half of year.
This proceeding will help you to escape the development of dental caries and appearance of complications.

Why dental caries is considered more to be a disease of children? The main cause is that they eat more sweets than adults, that’s why the caries appear early in children.

A big quantity of sugar provoke changes in oral cavity: the acidity is changed in sugar. Under influence of sugar the enamel of tooth lose some protective properties and it become weakest.

The bacteria invade the surface of tooth with deteriorate enamel and destroy as well the enamel and other tissues of tooth.

The most important therapy of caries is regularly brushing of teeth, abstention from sweets and regularly visiting of dentist.

Explain to your child that from eating a lot of chocolate he can have tooth pain. If you meet some difficulties in explanations of reason why is not allowed to eat a lot of sweets and must brush the teeth regularly, than ask for help a dentist. He will explain you and your child the reason but he also will show you how to brush correctly the teeth. In the prophylaxis of dental caries is not important just how often you brush the teeth but also how correctly we do this thing.