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The prophylaxis of teeth

Dental caries in the dentistry for children is a widespread problem. There are two stages of dental caries: the earlier stage (stains on the enamel) and stage of surface caries.

Early stage (stain) is the appearance of white spots on the enamel surface of teeth. Usually these spots do not cause pain. Therefore, there is a development of symptom from incipient to the surface decay.

If caries attacks the enamel from remove, the surface of tooth it becomes soft and porous and can even from the tooth with dental tools. This stage of decay can cause increased sensitivity of tooth to cold, hot or too sweet substances.

For the prevention of dental caries is not enough to brush the teeth and to not eat the sweets. That is why we must resort to modern methods of prophylaxis.

One of these methods is the remineralization of teeth. This method consists of filling a lack of enamel with mineral by means of applying special materials to teeth, fluoride gels, solution of calcium gluconate, sodium fluoride, etc. These solutions apply to the teeth enamel and enamel absorbed these substances.  The ions of mineral substance fills the crystal lattice of enamel making it stronger.

The following method of prevention of dental caries is to fill the fissure of teeth with sealant. The fissure are natural depressions in the tooth enamel. Usually in these fissures are accumulated and develop the process of decay. To avoid this process the fissures are filling with pecial materials.

Also for prevention of dental caries, we can practice fluoridation of teeth. Teeth fluoridation means not only cover the tooth with fluorine solutions, and use toothpaste that contains fluoride but also the consumption of foods rich in fluorine.

Teeth whitening can be considered a method of prevention the dental caries. During the process of bleaching teeth undergo an intensive cleaning process that removes the dental plaque.

Prevention of dental caries is very important for milk teeth. This allows you to avoid feeling pain because of decay processes. In addition, tooth decay, which affects milk teeth, can be reflected on the new tooth, which grows instead of milk tooth.

Why should not delay visit to the doctor and we must prevent the decay processes.