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The dental pulp is the vitality of tooth permeated by capillaries and nerve tissue which is below the tooth layers dentine and enamel. The pulp often is called the nerve of the tooth, although it does not fully describe the nature of the pulp, the pulp is not only from nervous tissue. The inflammation of the pulp is called pulpitis.

The pulp can be of two types - severe and chronic. Pulp periodically causes chronic pain. Pulp is generally characterized by severe and acute pain in the teeth, the pain can be longer and harder.

Why is it important to treat on time pulpitis?

The main cause of pulpitis is untreated dental caries. The tooth decay go through enamel to deeper layers to pulp tissue and bring infection that causes inflammation. The untreated pulp can lead to dental cyst.

Pulp can be diagnosed using X-rays. Usually the inflammation is clearly visible on x-ray. An experienced doctor can identify the pulpitis according to patient's stinging pain.

It is very important not to leave the pulp untreated because it can lead to pus and dental cyst, which is harder to treat and it is treated by surgically way. Therefore when you have the smallest toothache you should contact your dentist.

Pulp can be found at patients of all age groups from children to the elderly people. It is important to treat pulpitis because it can lead to loss of vitality of pulp leads to the fall of the tooth, but tooth loss is something undesirable.

In our clinic «Diplomat Med» we treat dental pulp of different difficulty and almost without pain! «Diplomat Med» is a dental clinic taking care of your health!