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Periodontosis is a condition affecting all the surrounding tissues of the teeth, including the gums, ligaments, oral mucosa and others.

Some dentists make an error when establishing the diagnosis of periodontitis instead of periodontosis, which is well known for such symptoms as gingival bleeding, redness and even purulent secretions. As a matter of fact, periodontosis is a pretty rare disease, that is characterized by a complex degenerative process of the gums and bone, leading to osteoporosis (destruction of the osseous tissue).

The causes of periodontosis have not been fully established. It is considered that it is an inherited condition and it can show up especially in patients that maintain a poor oral hygiene. Its consequences are irreversible.

Why is it important to treat periodontosis on time?

Periodontosis is well known for an atrophy of the alveolar bone and tooth sockets, a porous structure of the hard dental tissues, sclerotic processes, bone thinning and weaker teeth. That is why it is mandatory to begin the treatment on time. The consequences of ignoring these symptoms are irreversible and it could even lead to tooth loss.

But you shouldnot panic and be afraid if you doctor established the diagnosis of periodontosis. It will be enough if you just follow his recommendations and maintain a proper oral hygiene.

Certain surgical methods are used in order to treat this disease, including the use of special membranes, bone grafting materials, Stem-cells injections, prf injections etc.

«Diplomat Med» is able to offer its patients all kinds of dental treatment, as well as preventive methods, such as professional cleaning and others. We only use the best modern methods of treatment and contemporary technologies in order to treat periodontosis!