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The root canal filling

If the tooth pulp (nerve) becomes inflamed it is a symptom of pulpitis, a dangerous complication of tooth decay. Causes of pulpitis are chronic inflammatory diseases, microbes and particle penetration from food and others.

If you suffer from dental caries or pulpitis is necessary to clean the decayed cavity and removed nerve, and after that is necessary to fill the tooth channel.

What is the filling of tooth channels? Is the restoring of teeth with the help of the filling.The goal of filling the channels is to fill the channel with  special material, because after removing the nerve there is a space which must be filled.

At present there are various methods of filling channels and special material for filling the teeth that allow nerve painless removal. This procedure not only returns tooth capabilities, but will return the aesthetic image.

For effective filling of channels of tooth is necessary to know the channel’s length using Roentgen. The main part of treatment is the filling of tooth’s channel.

What materials are used often for filling channels in our clinic?

Gutta- percha and thermophilic - Filling materials that meet all requirements and keep the natural color of the tooth, the root channel is made tight and resists liquid tissue and does not dissolve in it.

Gutta-percha’s main qualities:

Thermophile is a method for root canal filling using gutta percha because it is elastic material and it is good to cover root canal with it. Due to hermetic capacity it decreases the risk of developing bacteria in tooth canal.

If your teeth are not straight or root canals are less accessible we use method depoforeza that allows you to keep teeth already destroyed.

It is important to remember that the length and complexity of filling is depending on the stage of the disease. Filling a root canal is more difficult process than simple tooth filling.

Why is the channels filling important? We use the most modern methods of filling using new medical technology from abroad that have no analogues in our country. The consultation of specialist will help you to decide and to choose the optimal treatment and an affordable price!

We advise you to keep your dental health, oral hygiene and remember about prophylaxis. These things will keep your money and nerves.