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The gums’ treatment

Gums – sensory tissues, around teeth, as well as from the maxillary bone where the tooth is fixed. It seems strange that the dental diseases are often extended on the gums, causing their affection, haemorrhage, pruritis and even the tussues’ destruction.

The causes of parodontal diseases can be different – from dental calculus to paradontosis of genetic predisposition. The gums infection could cause not just a common bleeding, but also forming of cysts, cankers.

It is important to pay attention not just to the teeth’s health, but also to the gums’ health. It doesn’t deserve to brush teeth too intense, not to injure or not to introduce an infection. We also should rinse the month with special solutions that remove bacteria from the surface of the tongue and of the gums, fact that can keep their health. Be sure, is it easier to prevent a disease than to treat it.

If you don’t know how to take care of your teeth – go to a specialist! The doctors from our clinic will tell you how to prevent parodontal diseases, what ways to use.

If gums disturb you, go to the dentist! In the case of the most insignificant manifestations of the deasise (usually pruritis or bleeding) you should go to the doctor immediately.

The gums treatment at «Diplomat Med» – professionalism, safety, quality!

The spectre of methods of gums treatment is very large. It includes special ointments, antiseptical solutions for rinsing, as well as surgical methods of treatment.

The clinic «Diplomat Med» offers different methods of gums treatment, from the easiest ones to the most most difficult.  Treating the gums, you assure healthy teeth. The gingival mucosa has an important role in maintaining the tooth in the maxillary bone.

Anyway, regardless of treatment efficiency, it is good to prevent the disease. It is worth to visit the dentist regularly and to do a systematic professional teeth cleaning and dental calculus removal. So, we prevent the penetration of bacteria from the dental calculus on the gum and we avoid diseases as parodontosis and stomatitis.

Come to our clinic, you will get a large spectre of dental services here. The clinic «Diplomat Med» – caring of your smile! Be healthy!