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Braces - advice on alimentation

Braces are an affordable and safe treatment option. Wearing braces is just as common as putting on your favorite jeans in the morning.

The number of patients that choose braces is continuously increasing, including not only children, but adults as well. Even world-class celebrities, cinema and TV stars do not hesitate to wear braces in front of the cameras, as they are not very noticeable, but at the same time they remain very effective.

You should keep in mind a couple of basic rules regarding nutrition while wearing braces, but there is no need to worry, as you will not be forced to give up on your favorite snacks. After all, braces do not involve a strict diet.

Nutrition tips

Moving on to soft foods

Braces require thorough care and one of the most important things to do is to reduce the pressure on the teeth and braces. That is why it is recommended to quit on red meat and give preference to white meat, seafood, soups, vegetable stews and pasta instead. Besides the fact that they have a positive impact on the human body overall, they are also flavorful.

Cut your foods into bite-size pieces

You should forget about big pieces of food while wearing braces, hence hard foods need to be chopped into bite-size pieces and thoroughly chewed. This refers not only to meat and crisps, but also to fruits and vegetables.

Say no to gummy sweets!

Brace’s worst enemies are sticky foods, such as jelly, chewable sweets, gums and other types of treats that can adhere to the teeth. It is important to be very careful when consuming hard snacks as well - nuts, seeds, caramels and so on. Not only all of these products could damage the enamel by causing caries, but they could also harm the braces. Hard food remnants that invade the space between the braces and the surface of the tooth cannot be so easily removed by just bursting your teeth with a regular toothbrush.

Sugar is not your friend

Sweets and foods containing sugar in considerable quantities could harm the hard tissues of the teeth. The acids forming in the oral cavity when consuming sugar can damage the braces. If you love sweets so much that you cannot give up to the pleasure of having a sweet treat once in a while, you should be conscious enough to clean your teeth afterwards.