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Myths and facts about braces

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings regarding braces that have emerged since the beginning of using them in the dental practice. Let’s take a look on some of the most popular ones.

Myth #1: Only children can wear braces.
It is actually confirmed that in fact, every 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is an adult, so we can certainly refer to the „Better late than never” statement in this case.

Myth #2: Only people with advanced dental issues are eligible for an orthodontic treatment.
Your orthodontist is the only person who is able to properly evaluate your status and take a decision based on the results of a full examination.

Myth #3: The dentist promised to straighten my teeth.
The general dentist is specialized on treating various dental diseases and restoring teeth, while an orthodontist is concerned about aligning the teeth. In order to become an orthodontist, 2 or 3 advanced post-graduate years of studies are required.

Myth #4: An orthodontic treatment is way more expensive than any kind of other dental treatment.
As a matter of fact, the above statement itself is wrong. Orthodontics and other kinds of dental treatments have completely different conceptions. The orthodontist is a qualified specialist concerned about solving the problems regarding misaligned, crowded and crooked teeth. The general dentist does not have the required skills to deal with these issues.

Myth #5: It is painful to wear braces and it is necessary to wear them for a long period of time, for ex. 2 years.
In fact, the patient’s adaptation to the braces is similar to the situation when someone has to wear down a new pair of shoes in order to get used to them. As soon as you get accustomed with your braces, you will not even perceive their presence in the oral cavity. Some patients have to wear braces for a couple of months, others - for a couple of years.

Myth #6: Braces have an unaesthetic appearance, that catch everyone’s attention. Adults feel uncomfortable wearing braces in front of their colleagues, when attending business meetings etc.
Truth to be told, braces nowadays can be made out of various materials, including ceramic. These kinds of braces are barely noticeable on the teeth, as their color blends with the natural color of the teeth. In addition, there are also some kinds of braces that can be placed on the internal dental surfaces, which makes them basically invisible to the others.